1. 1.  Take the platinum highway and take the turn-off to Brits.

  2. 2.  Turn right onto the bridge crossing the highway in the direction of Brits.

  3. 3.  Drive through Brits.

  4. 4.  Just before exiting Brits, there is a Total Garage on the left-hand side.

  5. 5.  Pass the Total Garage in the direction of Thabazimbi.(R511)

  6. 6.  17 km from the Total Garage, cross a railway.

  7. 7.  At 1.0 km (S 25º  29’ 26.1” E 27º  41’ 32.6”)  from the railway, turn right onto a gravel road.

(Next to the road is a farm stall with a green net)

  1. 8.  Proceed on the gravel road

  2. 9.  At 1.4km after the gravel road turn-off, you will cross a water channel, continue straight.

(A3 bikibos board with reflector arrow indicate to go straight)

  1. 10.  Follow the gravel road for another 2.7km after crossing the water channel.

(The road bends first to the left ~(at Van Staden Gate), and then to the right ~(at Breytenbach Gate)

  1. 11.  Bikibos entrance is at the left-hand side.

The best little bush getaway